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How To Plan For Disability In Pittsburgh

Proper disability planning is an important aspect of any estate plan. Disability planning can include the making of advance medical directives and a revocable living trust. A primary goal of disability planning is avoiding guardianship or conservatorship which are legal proceedings in a court where an individual possesses all legal rights over the disabled person. This is a situation that the lawyer at our firm is seeking to avoid. It is an unfavorable circumstance that you can help to avoid by contacting Temple & Frayer Law Office and receiving the guidance you need.

Advance Medical Directives

An advanced medical directive, also known as an advance health care directive, is a set of instructions that a person can give to family members or friends regarding what should happen to them should they become incapacitated in the future. Advanced medical directives are also known as living wills, personal directive, advance decisions, or advanced directives. Despite the many different titles, all of these documents have the same format and purpose. They provide for your care and welfare should you become significantly ill or incapacitated.

Typically, the instructions within the will select one person to make decisions on your behalf. The will normally also includes preferences and instructions regarding your treatment. For example, the living will may determine whether or not you would like to remain on life support if you fall into a vegetative state, or whether or not you would like to be placed in a home if you develop severe mental illness. It can also detail what medications you would like to avoid and any procedures that you do not want to deal with.

Revocable Living Trusts

Provided the settlor of the trust is not incapacitated, they can modify a revocable living trust. If the person who created the trust eventually does fall into a state of incapacitation or extreme illness, then he or she normally will designate a person who will take control of the trust in his or her stead. Revocable trusts are becoming more popular in the United States and may be used as instead of a will. This is because there are often less administrative costs associated with a revocable living trust and they can help to provide for a person who is worried about the prospect of mental incapacitation in the future.

Necessary Elements Of A Disability Plan

If you have a disability plan, you may find yourself in a very good position. If your loved one has created a disability plan as part of their estate planning, you will have a much easier time getting the situation resolved. Two necessary decisions that need to be made are a decision on who will take over your wellbeing if disability arises and a decision of who will be in charge of taking care of your finances. Three documents that are needed to plan for mental or physical disability are living wills, powers of attorney and revocable living trusts, which are all called advance medical directives.

Pittsburgh Estate Planning Attorney: Protecting Your Future

Creating a set plan for the future can be the most valuable decision you have ever made. It can save you much trouble when medical issues arise. You may not always be able to care for yourself or your dependents, so you should adequately prepare for this inevitability. A lawyer from our firm can help you create a disability plan by collecting all the necessary documents and drafting a plan that will work for you now and in the future.

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