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Children Guardianships In Pittsburgh

In the event that a parent passes away, it is beneficial to have previously decided upon a trusted guardian to care for your children. An arranged guardian allows parents to have peace of mind that their children will be well cared for if for some reason they are not able to be around. In Pennsylvania, you are able to name one or more guardians, but most commonly one guardian is selected. When deciding upon a guardian, there are many factors that you should take into consideration, including:

  • The age of the potential guardian
  • The physical abilities of the potential guardian
  • The moral beliefs of the potential guardian
  • Whether or not the potential guardian has time to invest in your children
  • The other immediate family members of the potential guardian
  • The income/ assets of the potential guardian

Types Of Pennsylvania Guardianships

Generally, the court will try to choose a guardian that was a close friend or relative of the parents. In the absence of a prospective guardian, the court may award guardianship to a professional guardian, possibly unrelated to the children. When the court chooses a guardian, there are various types of guardianships that can be selected, such as:

  • Plenary guardianship – This grants full authority over decisions to one guardian.
  • Limited guardianship – This grants limited decision-making abilities that the court specifies to the guardian.
  • Emergency guardianship – This grants authority for a certain amount of time, generally in the event of an emergency to the guardian.
  • Successor guardianship – This grants authority to a new guardian if the primary guardian is unable to serve as guardian for some reason.
  • Co-guardianship – This grants authority to two or more guardians.

How To Appoint A Guardian For A Child

After choosing who you would like to appoint as the guardian of your children, you will need to draft a will that includes the person’s name. Then, if you were to pass away or become unable to care for your children, the court will follow the requests present in your will. The court also has the authority to alter the guardian decision if it is seen as unfeasible. For help in the process of determining and appointing a guardian for your children, team up with a skilled estate planning attorney in Pittsburgh.

Let Temple & Frayer Help With Your Guardianship Matters

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