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Benefits Of Estate Planning In Pennsylvania

It can be difficult to think about the time that you or a loved one may no longer be here, but it is very important to make plans for when you pass away. Estate planning may not be a pleasant matter to deal with because it is often associated with death. It is very helpful for the future; however, if you take the time to organize matters for your loved ones. Many also assume that estate plans are not necessary and ignore the topic altogether. Here are some of the benefits of creating an estate plan in the state of Pennsylvania:

  • You can pick a person that will be in charge of managing your affairs if you were to ever become disabled.
  • If you pass away, all inherited assets are protected from creditors or lawsuits.
  • Your beneficiaries can avoid the probate process when handling your estate.
  • The inheritance of your children is protected.
  • You can provide for your spouse after you pass away.
  • You can provide for special needs beneficiaries.
  • You can make conditions to the inheritance that rewards your heirs for certain things even while you are gone.
  • “No contest” provisions can make sure that your specific and exact provisions are upheld when you pass away.

Why You Should Create An Estate Plan

If you do not create an estate plan, the matters after you pass away may need to undergo a probate process. Probate can be extremely time consuming and expensive, not to mention stressful. An estate plan can carry out your wishes while avoiding the tension and costs of probate. Estate plans can also allow you to maintain privacy of your personal matters even after you pass away. Probate is a public process in the court and can expose much of your personal information. One of the key benefits that many appreciate about having an estate plan is the peace of mind that it gives you. Knowing that you have arrangements in order to protect your loved ones when you pass away is a relief that many seek.

Need A Lawyer For Estate Planning In Pittsburgh?

If you are interested in creating an estate plan in Pennsylvania, it is advised to team up with a skilled estate planning lawyer. Temple & Frayer Law Office can assist you in creating a plan according to your wishes while making sure that your rights are protected throughout the process. To begin the process, our firm offers a free confidential case evaluation online. With over 65 combined years of experience, our attorneys are familiar with the estate planning process in Pittsburgh, and we are ready to help. Contact us today at 412-998-1197 for the representation that you need!