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Aggressive Defense In The Face Of Sex Crime Charges

If you have been accused of a sex crime, no matter whether you agree with the accusations, your legal status is critical. You need immediate, vigorous defense to protect your reputation, freedom and future. You may have heard a rumor that you are under investigation. Or you may realize that an incident involving sexual contact with consent could lead to false accusations of sexual assault. Whatever is the state of your case, you must not wait even one more day. You need an experienced advocate on your side.

At Temple & Frayer in Pittsburgh, we are ready to treat your sex crime charges with the urgency that they require. We will take immediate steps to protect your presumption of innocence and mitigate the harm done by publicity about the accusations, your arrest or alleged events. Meanwhile, we will begin a detailed investigation to uncover the elements of truth that may provide you the outcome you are looking for: a dismissal or reduction of charges. Above all, we will fight to help you avoid a criminal record and required sex offender registration.

State And Federal Sex Crimes

Examples of sex offenses listed in the statutes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are the following:

  • Rape or statutory sexual assault
  • Sexual assault or aggravated indecent assault
  • Indecent assault or exposure
  • Unlawful dissemination of intimate images
  • Sexual extortion
  • Child pornography
  • Prostitution or promotion of prostitution
  • Sexual exploitation of children

At the federal level, our attorneys represent people charged with serious, complex sex crimes and those that cross state borders. Examples include:

  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Child pornography
  • Human trafficking
  • Kidnapping for sexual purposes

Penalties for federal sex crimes may include mandatory sentences. Attorney Meagan F. Temple is a veteran and former judge advocate general (JAG) with extensive experience defending people against federal crimes. A strong defense in the face of federal sex crime charges may start with efforts to have the charges reduced to the state level.

Other effective defense strategies in sex crime cases include investigation of the credibility of the accused. When you become a client of Temple & Frayer, we will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the most promising lines of defense for your future’s sake.

Get Counsel Without Delay

A sex crime accusation or charge is a serious legal matter that demands your immediate attention.

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